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100,000+ Acres of Public Land

Around Brevard, North CarolinaHooker Falls in Dupont Forest Brevard, NC

Connestee Falls residents are fortunate to live in a community that feels like a state park. The low profile entry gates with friendly greeters, 3,900 acres of forested land and over 13 miles of hiking trails give it that feel. It makes for a great fit within Transylvania County where over 100,000 acres of public lands are located in some of the most beautiful mountainous national and state parks and forests in the county.

  • Dupont State Forest is just minutes from Connestee Falls. It features waterfalls including the popular Triple and Hooker Falls, a large mountain lake, rivers and streams and hiking and biking trails.
  • The heart of the vast Pisgah National Forest is located in Transylvania County. Pisgah features many natural wonders including waterfalls, lakes and trails. There are opportunities for camping, horseback riding and much more in this expansive national forest.
  • Gorges State Park is home to plunging waterfalls, rugged river gorges and sheer rock walls. The visitor center is west of Brevard near the town of Sapphire.
  • Holmes Educational State Forest is one of seven educational forests in the state. It features miles of trails that are accented by exhibits and displays depicting the ecology of the managed forest.
  • Caesars Head State Park is south of Connestee Falls on Hwy 276 and straddles the state/county line just over the boarder in South Carolina. The park’s showpiece is the beautiful of Raven Cliff Falls.

Learn more about the hiking trails in Connestee Falls and these parks and forests around Transylvania County. Then strap on your boots, grab a walking stick and get out and explore one of the most expansive natural areas in North Carolina.