Biggest Fish Caught In Years At Connestee Falls, Brevard NC

Connestee-Falls-Fishing-Club-Winner-Bill-RoehrichThe team at Connestee Falls POA (CFPOA) would like to congratulate resident Bill Roehrich on Kanunu Court for being the latest winner of the Fishing Club Lunker Award. Roehrich caught the biggest bass of his lifetime. This bass was also the largest bass caught at Connestee Falls in several years.

On March 21, 2013 Roehrich cast a Senko lure into lake Ticoa, the largest of four mountain lakes at Connestee Falls. According to reports from the day, the fish took the bait quickly and the challenge to land it ensued. After what we are sure was one heck of a fight, Roehrich landed a 10 lb., 8 oz. large-mouth bass measuring 27 inches.

The Lunker contest is open to all Connestee Falls residents and their visitors holding current Connestee fishing licenses, club members or not. Winners receive a certificate suitable for framing.  Eligible fish must be at least these minimum lengths: bass 19 inches; catfish 25 inches; perch 14 inches; brim 11 inches; and trout 20 inches. The Club encourages a catch and release program at Connestee Falls and recommends releasing all “lunkers” where practical to enhance the fish population.

Lake Ticoa at Connestee Falls, Brevard, NC

Lake Ticoa . Photo by resident David Spencer

The lakes at Connestee Falls offer excellent fishing and other water-sport activities.  The arrival of spring is the perfect time to pack up a rod and reel and hit the water.  With four different lakes to enjoy, the natural beauty and fishing are abundant. All four lakes contain five predominant fish species in varying numbers including large-mouth bass, bluegill/bream, catfish, yellow perch, and rainbow trout. A stocking program ensures there are plenty of fish for healthy aquatics and to please resident fishing enthusiasts.

The Connestee Falls Fishing Club came to life in May, 1980, when a group of six property-owning fishermen held their first, informal meeting. The club was subsequently officially chartered by the CFPOA as “The Fishing Club of Connestee Falls” in September 1981.  Today, it is among the largest of more than 60 resident club organizations at Connestee Falls.

For more Information on the club and membership click Here.

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