Connestee Falls Art League Brings Art To Brevard

Connestee Falls Art Show Winners

2014 Art Show Winners (L-R) Barbara Walter, Elaine Bailey, Suzanne Sanger and Richard Ryder

Connestee Falls is proud of its residents and the community organizations started by them. There are a number of specialized groups throughout the community. There is also no shortage of artistic talent among these resident organizations. The POA runs quarterly photo contests and all of the photographs on the Conestee Falls website are from entries.  Winning photos are included in the Connestee Photo Album here on the blog.  The Art League of Connestee Falls is an organization where the community’s many talented visual artists can join together, learn, and add to the community at large.

The Art League is one of the most active resident organizations and their events are a source of fun, excitement, and talent. A visit to the Overlook Clubhouse offers an ongoing opportunity to see works by artist members with a variety of pieces displayed throughout the lobby and other rooms.  They also stage art exhibits and events.

“Throughout the year members participate in a number of activities in order to display their work and to raise money for charitable donations,” says Sandy Hemmer, Art League President.  “We make donations to the Transylvania Council of the Arts working with children, and The Boys and Girls Club for art supplies.”

Their annual showing “Art in the Park” held every summer is where the members and their works take center stage at the Connestee Falls along Greenville Highway near the main entrance of the community. A portion of the proceeds from all paintings sold benefit these important charitable organizations.

The Connestee Falls Reflections Blog is introducing a new Artist Spotlight series. Resident artists and photos of their works will be featured on a regular basis.  Look for more about art at Connestee Falls here on the blog.


Connestee Falls Art League Brings Art To Brevard — 3 Comments

  1. My husband and I recently purchased a Villa in Ticoa View. I was browsing the website and came across the Artist Spotlight. How do you become a member of the group and also how to does one get on the list to be featured in the Artist Spotlight. The works are lovely!
    Thanks so much-

    Carol Unglaub

  2. .Hi Carol, I am Pat Dennis, Past Pres of the Art League. We have a meeting and demo every 3rd Monday of the month. Just look at the Friday Flyer for time. But usually it is 10:00. BUT usually every Monday 10:00-12:00 we just get together in the Lounge and paint on whatever. We would love for you to come by and bring some art too. The girls and guys are really good at helping each other with their art if they get stuck.

    Looking forward to meeting you! Pat

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