Connestee Falls Continues Expanding Extensive Hiking Trails

Connestee Falls Inagural Carson Creek Trail Hike

Inaugural Carson Creek Trail Hike

Connestee Falls has one of the most impressive private trails system in Western North Carolina and perhaps in the nation. With views of mountains, valleys, waterfalls, lakes, creeks and caves, these trails are the great spectacle that comes with being a Connestee Falls residents. Walking them is realizing that there are few more breathtaking areas in the U.S.  The Connestee Falls Hikers is a resident organization of volunteers responsible for this amazing community asset. The trail system is maintained by the Connestee Falls Trails Stewards.  New trails are built by the Connestee Falls Trails Masters. This dedicated group of residents recently opened a new trail and updated the Connestee Falls Trails Guide (download a PDF version.)

The 13 miles of Connestee Falls trail includes a network of several unique trail systems: Amakola, Equestrian, Ecusta, Salola, and Tall Pines Trace. The Amakola system is comprised of five trails and several spur trails and offers a selection of varied views and terrain. The Equestrian Trail follows Middle Creek and ends with the Kelley Mountain Trail. The Ecusta Trail loops around the shore of lake Ticoa. The Salola begins at the Salola Lane Trailhead and continues through Mountain Laurel along a scenic creek. Tall Pines Trace is located at the end of Hokassa Court and leads to the ruins of the Frederick V. Batson house.

Connestee Falls Brevard Photo Contest Carson Creek by Greer Gunby The trails themselves range in difficulty and length, but even the most difficult trail is only at the moderate level. This means that the 13 miles of maintained hiking trails will not take too much of a toll on a hiker on any one trail. The trails are located throughout Connestee Falls, but the trail system is planned so that there are parking areas at main trail heads.

In addition to building and maintaining the system of trails, the Connestee Falls Hikers also host guided hikes and organized events throughout the year. They are also always scouting for and planning new trail opportunities. Recently, the group added the Carson Creek trail to the list of published Connestee Falls trails. Part of the Amakola Trail system, Carson Creek trail descends 200 hundred feet in elevation from the cave trail to Carson Creek. Though moderately strenuous, Carson Creek abounds with cascades and waterfalls

Bridge over Bason Creek between Middle and Lower Falls by Doug Kish.jpg

Trail bridge over Bason Creek between Middle and Lower Falls

It can be hard to keep track of the abundance of natural beauty that comes with being a resident of Connestee Falls. This system of trails truly captures the diverse scenery of the community, and as a resident, it is definitely something of which to be proud.


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