Connestee Scholarship Winners Now Local Area Teachers

Amanda Champman Connestee Falls Scholarship Recipient

Amanda Chapman

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By Nancy Waclawek,
Student Scholarship Committee Member

Amanda Chapman and Jake Raines once walked the hallways of Rosman High School as students. Now they are teachers in the Transylvania County School system, helping shape a new generation and giving back to their community.

Chapman teaches math at Brevard Middle School. Raines teaches English at Brevard High School. Chapman received Connestee Falls scholarships when she attended Brevard College. Raines received scholarships when he attended Blue Ridge Community College (BRCC.)

Born and raised in Rosman, Chapman graduated from Rosman High School in 2010 and enrolled in Brevard College to study mathematics with a concentration in education. She knew she wanted to be a teacher from the time she was 5 years old. Raines graduated from Rosman High in 2007 and enrolled in BRCC. He transferred to Western Carolina University (WCU) after two years to complete his studies, majoring in English.

Jake Raines Connestee Falls Scholarship Recipient

Jake Raines

Both credit the scholarships with making their lives easier in college. Raines’ scholarship helped to pay his tuition for the last two semesters at BRCC. He is grateful for the scholarships because his educational experience was much more enjoyable. “They made it a lot less stressful,” he said.

Chapman and her husband Reid got married after high school, and in her junior year at Brevard College, Chapman had her first child. She received her first Connestee Falls scholarship that year, and another her senior year. She did her student teaching in spring 2014 at Brevard High School. After graduation from college, Chapman taught math for one year at Andrews High School in Cherokee County before being hired at Brevard Middle School as a math teacher. She also coaches JV and high school cheerleading. At home, she says, she stays busy keeping up with her husband and two children. “I am very blessed to be from this little town and to be able to work in it now,” Chapman said. “We have one of the greatest school systems in North Carolina. I firmly believe that, and I feel very lucky to be able to be part of it.”

Raines’ first job after graduating from WCU in 2011 was teaching English at East Henderson High School. He took a job at Brevard High a year later, teaching English in grades 9-12. He also works in real estate at REMAX/Land of the Waterfalls in Brevard. Raines married in May 2013 and has a little girl. He and his family live in Rosman.

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