Homesites And Home Plans Ready For New Construction

Connestee Falls Has Homesites Ready For Constructing New Homes

New Construction Home at Unvquolad Court-L96R-U29 Front ConnesteeFalls.jpgThere are several hundred homesites available and ready for construction with the Brevard area’s best builders knowledgeable about building new homes in Connestee Falls.

The CFPOA owns the majority of unimproved homesites with prices that offer exceptional values. There are also builders with pre-approved plans offering quicker opportunities to build a new home in Connestee Falls.

Unvquolad-Court-#L96R U29-Floorplan_ConnesteeFallsThe Boulder, featured here, is a classic craftsman-style mountain home with a great room open floor plan. The home is pre-approved and planned for construction on 1.26 acres with a mountain view at U29L96R Uvnquolad Court. It’s priced at just $404,000 with three bedrooms, two baths and 1,840 square feet.

Contact us to learn more about this home plan and schedule a tour of the homesite. See a selection of other available homesites listed on MLS.

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