NPR Listeners Hear What Connestee Bocce Group Already Knows

Bocce Ball Courts at Connestee Falls in Brevard, NC

Connestee has first class bocce courts

If you were listening to NPR this week you may have heard the story about how Bocce Ball has gone From Old-World Sport To New-School Phenomenon.  The angle of the story is an insight into the phenomenon of indoor bocce courts sprouting in bars around Washington, DC (and other cities.)  And how Bocce is growing in popularity in general around the county.  It also gives a good primer on the game and interesting history.  No where is that more evident than at Connestee Falls in Brevard, NC.

What’s making bocce such a hit, according to NPR and the fast-growing Connestee Bocce Group, can be summed up as fun for all.  Men and women, young and old, newcomers and old hands can all enjoy the game equally.  It was founded as a social recreation and in this digital age of social media it’s great to see a sport taking hold that actually brings people together in a physical state for a fun recreational activity.

Learn more about the Connestee Bocce League.  The group is open to all Connestee Falls property owners, residents and guests.

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