Sales Incentives Announced For POA Properties

Connestee Falls is unique among most developed master planned communities in Western North Carolina when it comes to unimproved lots. The Property Owners Association (POA) owns several hundred lots that were deeded to the association by the original developer many years ago when the community development phase was completed. This offers a tremendous opportunity for buyers to acquire a lot directly from the POA and build a new home at Connestee Falls.

The POA board recently authorized an exciting program to encourage construction of new homes on unimproved POA lots. The program offers new property purchasers of POA lots, as well as current owners of other unimproved lots, several valuable incentives to encourage construction of homes. Here is how the program works and the savings offered by the POA.


Three types of conditions are included in the program and all receive waivers or suspension of POA fees:

1. Builder Acquires an unimproved POA lot for construction of a new home for a future resident

2. Property Owner Builds a Custom Home on their owned lot for use as a Residence or as a Rental Property

3. A Contractor or Property Owner Builds a Spec Home on the Owner’s lot for resale

  • Amenity Fee will be waived until the residence is sold (at which time the buyer will pay the Amenity Fee); or, if 24 months shall have elapsed since the waiver was granted, then the Contractor/Member will pay the fee.
  • Annual Unimproved Lot Assessment will be suspended until receipt of Certificate of Occupancy for the residence OR (2) two years from date the Assessment suspension is granted.
  • Lot Combination Fee, if applicable, may be waived if Construction begins within 6 months after the date the Fee is eliminated and completion of Construction occurs within 24 months after the date the Fee was eliminated.

These incentives offer up to $20,000 in savings making building a home here an even better value. In addition, Connestee Falls property owners and club member enjoy some of the most affordable annual fees and dues in the region for communities with comparable features and recreational amenities. Learn more about available POA home sites and building a new home at Connestee Falls on the community website. See a Connestee Falls Realty representative at the Connestee Falls Welcome Center or contact the POA for complete details on this program.

This program is offered for a limited time and subject to change without notice. Some restrictions apply. 

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