Autumn 2017 Resident Photo Contest Winners

Connestee Falls Residents Capture Fall In Western North Carolina

Autumn in Western North Carolina is the beginning of colorful changes in nature, blissfully cool days, and some cold blustery nights.  Jackets and boots aren’t the only items to come out of storage in Connestee Falls during the fall. Residents throughout the community get their camera gear and their creative eye ready for capturing the best fall photos across the community. It’s always a joy to see so many people and local scenes in these wonderful photo submissions. But there were five that stood out and selected as winners in the 2017 Fall Photo Contest.

The winning photos earned each resident photographer well received recognition here on the Reflections Blog and in the community newsletter along with a gift certificate to the Overlook Clubhouse.

Photograph Tsisqua Circle By Connestee Falls Resident John Southern

Title: Tsisqua Circle
Photographer:  John Southern

Moving along Tsisqua Circle, John Southern decided this scene was a Fall photograph in the making.  We couldn’t agree more!








Photograph Misty Morning By Connestee Falls Resident Jody Lee

Title: Misty Morning
Photographer: Jody Lee

Landscape photography at its finest.  Jody Lee knows a winning photo scene when she sees it, can you say “frame-worthy?”





Photograph Thanksgiving Reflections By Connestee Falls Resident Lisa McPherson

Title: Thanksgiving Reflections

Photographer: Lisa McPherson

Captured here is the beauty of a Connestee Falls Thanksgiving and likely some tranquil reflection after a plate full of Turkey.







Photograph Leafing Around By Connestee Falls Resident Linda Cain


Title: Leafing Around

Photographer:  Linda Cain

This tree has a skirt of picture perfect Appalachian Autumn colored leaves, and just like a skirt these Autumn colors were are all around Connestee Falls in 2017.





Photograph Deer's Eye View By Connestee Falls Resident Amy Wells

Title: Deer’s Eye View

Photographer:  Amy Wells

A Connestee Falls vista as envisioned from the perspective of a resident deer by resident Amy Wells.




The Property Owners Association regularly runs resident photo contests and the winning photos are published here on the blog. All the photos of the community on the Connestee Falls website are also by residents. Find more spectacular photos there and in the Connestee Flipbook Photo Album.



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