Connestee Falls Brevard Artist Profile: Patricia Dennis

Connestee Falls Art League members are regularly featured with samples of their works here on the Reflections Blog.  Works are also displayed in the Overlook Clubhouse and at art shows and galleries around Connestee Falls and Brevard, NC.

Meet Patricia Dennis

Can't See Trees Painting by Pat Dennis Connestee Falls ArtistRB: How long have you been painting?

PT: 25 years – I started showing right after retirement in 1992. I took design in College but ended up as an Ophthalmic Technologist. Kitty Edwards was one of my first art teachers. She and I became Signature Members of Fl. Watercolor Society.

RB: When did you become an artist?
PT: My father was an artist. He did all his own windows in his furniture and clothing store. He could draw anything. But I was definitely attracted to

RB: When did you move to Connestee Falls?
PT: 2005. We bought one of the octagonal  homes and redid the whole inside. Then found the log cabin we had been looking for.

RB: Where are you originally from?
PT: I was born in southern Illinois , Then Tampa, and Tarpon Spring, FL. after my marriage.

RB: What brought you to Connestee Falls?
PT: Patti & Chuck Gorrow invited us to stay here while looking all over for a summer home. Afterwards we knew this was it all along, and my Husband wouldn’t go back home.

RB: How would you describe your artistic style?
PT: I am definitely abstract and experimental. I teach different  textures. 

Samples of Patricia’s Work

Can't See Trees Painting by Pat Dennis Connestee Falls Artist

Can’t See The Forest For The Trees
14” x 19”
Mixed Media


Provence Winery
28’ X 21 ½”
Mixed Media


Wood, Rocks and Water
12” x 16”
Mixed Media



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