Connestee Falls Brevard Artist Profile: Suzanne Sanger

Connestee Falls Art League members are regularly featured with samples of their works here on the Reflections Blog.  Works are also displayed in the Overlook Clubhouse and at art shows and galleries around Connestee Falls and Brevard, NC.

Meet Suzanne Sanger

RB: How long have you been painting?
SS: I became a fiber artist a couple of decades ago after seeing a major national art-quilt show. I had been a traditional quilter prior to that, but when I saw what was possible with fiber, I was immediately challenged and hooked.

RB: When did you move to Connestee Falls?
SS: About ten years ago.

RB: Where are you originally from?
SS: Wisconsin, originally. My late husband and I lived in many places before retiring to Florida from New Jersey in 1999.

RB: What brought you to Connestee Falls?
SS: In 2005, as we watched TV coverage of Hurricane Katrina, we realized we wanted a summer retreat in the mountains. Friends already lived in Connestee and sold us on this wonderful location.

RB: Briefly describe your artistic style?
SS: My medium is fiber, my passion is discovering how to create art that explores the possibilities of fiber and challenges its limitations.

If you are interested in seeing more of Suzanne’s work visit her website. Contact her by email for more information.  She will also be one of the artists participating in the Connestee Artists Studio Tours event August 29th.

Samples of Suzanne’s Work

Gears and Grids
25″ x 29″
Based on a deconstructed version of a traditional quilt block, this is anything but a traditional quilt. Overlay of quilting stitches adds texture and interest.





In the Souk
40″ x 30″
Inspired by a photo I took in Doha, Oman. I was intrigued by the contrast between the poverty of the ex-pat workers and the wealth of the native Omanis, often hidden beneath concealing outerwear. The beautiful silks here in the marketplace are never seen in public, but are very likely lurking under those black abayas.


Canyons & Mesas
17″ x 22″
Inspired by a NASA photograph of a site in Namibia. I was intrigued by the ridges, plateaus, and valleys, and the possibilities of using fiber to create a highly textured interpretation of this seen-from-space vista


17″ x 32″
Caw portrays autumnal mountains, water, and the ubiquitous crows whose cawing wakes me every morning.



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