Connestee Falls Considering Major Renovation To Clubhouse

Connestee-Falls-Clubhouse-Renovation-MassingConnestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA) has announce a possible renovation plan for the Overlook Clubhouse.  This contemplates a major upgrade adding about 12,000 square feet with enhanced dining, fitness and meeting rooms to the premier amenity at Connestee Falls.

The latest plans are the result of several planning and design charettes with consultants and input sessions with the membership and residents.

“There is still much to be done and planned to determine the feasibility of this project for our residents and members,” said Jim Lorah, CFPOA General Manager.  “But the goal of the POA Board is to provide current and future property owners with a modern, state-of-the-art facility to accommodate the many club activities offered in the community.”

Connestee-Falls-Clubhouse-Renovation-Main-FloorMany member comments were integrated into the new plan. These include retaining a lower level grill, less site work, and relocating the delivery and solid waste removal function to a more discrete area at the far west end of the building. There is also an expansion of the wellness center with 60% more exercise and equipment floor space than the current building and a lounge with an expansive view of the golf course and distant mountains.

Connestee-Falls-Clubhouse-Renovation-Lower-FloorThis is still a proposed renovation and the new plans are subject to a community vote later this summer by the residents.  It would be the first full major renovation of the clubhouse and according to Lorah would modernizing the facility for the 21st century.  If approved, this will expand the clubhouse to 38,000 square feet up from the current 26,000.

Learn more about the Overlook Clubhouse on the Connestee Falls website. And stay tuned to the Connestee Falls News Blog for more updates and progress on this major renovation.

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