Connestee Falls Has Over 60 Resident Club & Organizations

For those in search of an active community Connestee Falls is at the top of the list with over 60 resident clubs and organizations.

There really is virtually something for almost anyone from the Art League to the Woodcrafters Club. Whether your passion is to get involved with a betterment group, participate in a sport or play a game of cards you can find it at Connested Falls. Look for recent posts by various clubs here on the Connestee Blog to learn more about recent activities. They are listed under Categories. Some clubs also have their own websites where even more information is available. Links are available on the Clubs page of our main website.

The clubs are open to all residents and property owners of Connestee Falls. Some of the organizations, such as the Amateur Theater Society, offer public performances. Check the blog regularly to keep up with the many resident clubs and organizations.


Connestee Falls Has Over 60 Resident Club & Organizations — 3 Comments

    • Thanks for your interest. There are no specific statistics available on ages of residents. Connestee Falls is an active community with a diverse mix of residents in hundreds of households and with people of all ages. These include singles, many couples and some families with children. There are year-round residents and also those who split time between here and other homes and still others who have vacation residences in Connestee Falls and permanent homes elsewhere. In a survey of buyers from 2014 about half were in the 45 and 64 age range.

      Visit the Connestee Falls Welcome Center where you can learn more about life here.

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