Pickleball-Connestee Falls N. Carolina Fastest Growing Amenity

By Eliot Butter

Pickleball has been referred to as the fastest growing sport in America and this is definitely so in Connestee Falls. It was introduced to us in October 2010. Our club, The Mountain Picklers, now has over 150 resident members, and many renters and guests play the sport here as well.

Connestee Falls Pickleball Courts in Brevard, NCPickleball is a racket game played on a downsized tennis court using shorter rackets/paddles than tennis and a wiffle ball instead of a tennis ball. Because of the reduced court size and that it is easy to learn, this lends itself to participation by a wide variety of players, from our grandchildren to those in their 80’s. It also provides great exercise and social camaraderie for individuals of all ages. If you haven’t yet observed or played the sport come on down to our four new dedicated courts near the pool and watch. The facility has been described to us as one of the nicest in western North Carolina and the upstate of South Carolina.

Our monthly calendar for playing times is posted at the courts. If you would like to learn how to play we offer lessons for Connestee Falls residents and guests every Monday morning from June through October. But be careful, you may become addicted to this wonderful sport and amenity.

More information about our club, including the calendar for play, can be found on our website.


Pickleball-Connestee Falls N. Carolina Fastest Growing Amenity — 2 Comments

  1. Do you ever foresee constructing an indoor recreation center that would allow for indoor pickleball and other indoor sports?

    • The Overlook Clubhouse is currently undergoing a multi-million dollar renovation. There are no immediate plans for other major improvements at this time to the already impressive menu of recreational and club amenities. However, the CFPOA board and management continue to look at ways for improving the amenities at Connestee Falls and regularly survey interests of members. Any future plans will always be announced to the public here on the Reflections Blog.

      Thanks for you interest.

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