Preview The Wonder: Connestee Falls Trails Video

Trails-Video-Thumbnail-ConnesteeFallsThe natural beauty of Connestee Falls is breathtaking.  The surrounding forested mountains, waterfalls and streams are a true wonder, and an extensive hiking trail system offers residents the chance to experience much of it up close.  This is one of the best private trails systems anywhere and rivals that of many state parks. There are trails to fit every level of experience and they all provide exceptional views into this 3,900 acre of Connestee Falls.

See a preview with an introduction by steward Tucker Garrison, who along with many other residents, has helped to build and maintain the trails system.  This video follows the Amakola trail that leads to the bottom of Connestee Falls and down through an impressive gorge and steam with other smaller water features.

Get more facts about the trails on the main website.


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