Rainbow Trout Are Biting In The Lakes

rainbow trout at connestee falls, ncThe fishing club is one of the most active resident groups in Connestee Falls. With four large lakes there is plenty to be interested in and typically always something biting to make life fun for anglers.

You may not be aware, but the property owners association stocks the lakes with rainbows every few years. This helps to keep the supply strong at Connestee Falls and also makes for some of the best trout fishing in the region.

There is no better fresh water fighting (or eating fish if you don’t catch and release) than a rainbow trout. Get out now in early spring for some of the best fishing of the season. And check the blog for regular posts from the Connestee Fishing Club on what’s biting and where to find them.


Rainbow Trout Are Biting In The Lakes — 3 Comments

  1. For detailed information on fishing Connestee’s lakes, try the Fishing Club’s new website, cffishclub.org.

    For instance, you’ll find under News & Photos an item telling about Mike Sterinsky, of Connestee Trail, being a winner in the Club’s Trout Contest. Mike caught a 16-inch rainbow April 27 in Lake Atagahi. He was using the ever-effective Power Bait, rainbow color. Mike was the second winner of the year.
    The first was Mike Milts, of Usdasdi Ct. He landed a 15-inch red-tagged rainbow ten days before on a spinner lure, also in Lake Atagahi. He caught the 2-pounder just two days after tagged fish were put in the lakes as part of the April 15 stocking.
    Red is the new color for tags this year.
    All winners in the Club’s continuing contest receive $50 in Club Cash. If you’re a Fishing Club member and you catch a trout with a tag in its dorsal fin, you win, but only one award per color tag per membership year is allowed. The tag must be turned in to Ray Tuers, 877 5572.

    • We are running a series on photos from the archives of our Resident Photo Contests over the years. This was a photo of a couple rainbow trout taken a few years ago during a summer contest. Not sure of the exact date. We are checking with the Connestee Fishing Club for seasonal fishing activity and will post more information.

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