Connestee Falls Club Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Connestee Falls is a semi-private club. This Q&A provides residents and prospective members with general information about the club. Contact our Administration Office at 828-885-2001 or email for more details about membership.

What types of Memberships are offered?

The Club offers two classifications of Membership: Resident and Invitational. Resident Memberships are recallable only with cause. Invitational Memberships may be recalled with or without cause. Only owners at Connestee Falls are eligible for Resident Membership.

What categories of membership are offered by the Club?

The Club is currently offering these five membership categories with privileges as follows:

  • Platinum Golf Membership (January – December)< >Limited to Property Owners, Alumni Members, Social Members and Tenants only. Includes unlimited green fees and Handicap/Golf Association Fees.Associate Platinum Golf Membership (January – December)Includes unlimited green fees, dining privileges and Handicap/Golf Association Fees.Gold Golf Memberships (May – October)< >Limited to Property Owners, Alumni Members, Social Members and Tenants only. Includes unlimited green fees and Handicap/Golf Association Fees.Associate Golf Membership (May – October)< >Includes unlimited green fees, and Handicap/Golf Association Fees.Associate Social Membership
    • Social Members are permitted to use all Club facilities and these additional privileges:
      • Use of all dining facilities at the clubhouse
      • Invitation to participate in member events (On space available basis)
      • Use of pool and tennis facilities
      • Use of golf course and wellness center on a daily-fee basis.

Who is eligible for membership?

Memberships are offered to owners at Connestee Falls and such other persons as the Club determines appropriate from time to time, currently including outside invitational memberships.

May members invite guests to the Club?

Having friends enjoy the Club’s facilities is a wonderful attribute of Membership and a great way to introduce prospective future new members to the Club. Therefore, Members are encouraged to invite guests to the Club subject to reasonable rules and regulations adopted by the Club.

Is there a food minimum for members at the Clubhouse?

There is not a Food Minimum charged to residents or members. The Club is confident in its ability to attract participation from residents and members by offering excellent facilities, great service and enticing menus featuring consistently high-quality food.

Is the Clubhouse open to the general public for dining?

The Sports Grill is open to the public with tee times to play the golf course. The Overlook Dining Room is restricted to Connestee Falls property owners, club members and their guests. Please call to verify hours for the clubhouse and dining areas, which may vary during holiday periods.

Are private golf carts allowed on the course?

No. The club will control all golf carts to ensure a consistent and uniform presentation commensurate with a high-quality private club community.

Can players walk the course or are golf carts required?

Walking is allowed on certain days and times. Please see the golf shop for more information.

What services are available to members?

Service is a priority at the Connestee Falls Club. A full team, led by the Club Manager and Head PGA Golf Pro, is on hand and dedicated to providing quality customer service for a true professional Club experience. Private golf lessons and training are available. Golf club storage and cleaning along with general repair service is available. A full time supervisor at the Wellness Center provides training and fitness programs.

All information provided here is in summary and subject to change. Additional updates on the membership programs may be obtained from the Administration Office. Please refer to the membership documents for complete details and exact specifications of membership rules and regulations, and member benefits and rights.