Brevard Internet Speeds Increased

The digital age has made the internet more important than virtually any other form of communication. And with more and more growth in virtually every aspect of the internet, faster speed connections with more bandwidth have become the standard. Add to that the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, where more people are working from home and students learning online, the need for high-speed internet is at an all-time high.

Fortunately, Connestee Falls POA Board anticipated demand would grow as more and more new buyer surveys showed internet access was the number one most important desired service. The POA has been working closely with local cable/internet provider Comporium to expand high speed fiber internet throughout the community. This included an initiative to upgrade the service connections to all homes within Connestee Falls that was completed this year.

Now, the backbone of that service has been improved. Comporium, the company that provides cable/internet service at Connestee Falls, announced a major service upgrade this week. According to the report in the Transyvania Times, Comporium has "increased internet speeds to over 200 times those that were offered in 2008." Today, according to the release, Comporium's standard high-speed internet customers get 300 Mbps service. Optional upgrades can increase speeds all the way to their new Zipstrem service with 1,000 Mbps.

In addition, Comporium provides free public WiFi service in downtown Brevard.

We applaud these efforts by Comporium to help keep Connestee Falls and Brevard in the fast lane on the internet highway.
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