Connestee Falls Real Estate Services Enhanced

Looking Glass Realty Joins Connestee Team

Connestee Falls POA takes the lead in helping to make it easy for those looking to buy and sell property in the community. That includes assisting area real estate professionals with access to show and sell properties, and teaming up with brokers that have offices right at Connestee Falls to list POA available homes sites.

Looking Glass Realty, with their office next to Connestee Falls Park, has joined the real estate team for the community working in alliance with Connestee Falls Realty to provide another "Welcome Center" for the community. This expands the number of Realtors knowledgeable about the community working directly with the POA to increase the services available to both buyers and owners interested in selling their properties.

Looking Glass Realty and Connestee Falls Realty have also created an enhanced website for presenting all homes currently listed in MLS and a selection of POA home sites available for sale at Connestee Falls. The new has improved graphics over the previous MLS listing site, enhanced navigation to sort available homes by view types and a more comprehensive presentation of POA home sites for sale.

"We pleased to expand the real estate presentation for Connestee Falls by adding Looking Glass Realty to the team," said CFPOA General Manager Jim Whitmore. "Jordan Clark, broker in charge, is a Connestee Falls resident and he and his team of agents know the community well. With an office near our front gate, this creates even better opportunities for our current and future residents to buy and sell properties here. We are excited to have them and Connestee Falls Realty working together and improving the real estate services for our community."

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