Connestee Digital Trail Maps

all 20 miles of trails in connestee now digital

The Connestee Hiking Club resident volunteers never stop improving on what is clearly one of the best private trails systems in Western North Carolina. Now extending some 20 miles throughout the 3,900-acre master planned community, the trails system is an amazing natural amenity that offers residents hikes from moderate to strenuous. Along the way, the trails lead to breath taking vistas of the mountains, countless waster features, and all the different natural areas of this beautiful property.

The latest feature by the Hiking Club is an extensive digital mapping of all 20 miles of trails. The trails have been divided into four digital maps: Connestee Northside Trails, Salola Trail System, Oakanoah Trails and Ecusta Trails. “Connestee Northside Trails” map includes the Amakola Trail System, Kelley Mountain Trail, and Equestrian Trail. The “Salola Trail System” map includes the Salola Trail as well as Tall Pines Trace Trail (Batson Farm Historic Site). The “Oakanoah Trail” map is limited to that trail. The “Ecusta Trail” map includes both the Ecusta Trail and Tshakanawi Trail.

The maps were created using Caltopo, which has both desktop and smartphone applications. The digital trail maps and an overview of the trails system are available on the Connestee Falls website where there is also a link to even more detailed information on the Hiking Club website.

Special thanks as always to the dedicated resident volunteer trails stewards for their tireless efforts to build and maintain our trails!

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