Connestee Falls 50 Years On

Original Developer's Brochure Marks 50th anniversary

In 1971, a team of progressive thinking land developers had a vision for 3,900 acres of pristine Western North Carolina property. Their master plan for the property created a premier gated community with an emphasis on maintaining the natural environment and beauty of the land. And 50 years later, that sense of stewardship is alive and well at Connestee Falls, now owned and operated by its residents as the Connestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA).

The original developer, Realtec, placed the environment squarely in their early marketing hiring the popular actor and known environmental activist Eddy Albert as the celebrity spokesman for the community. Of course theirs was a for profit venture and an early feasibility presentation booklet recently shared with CFPOA by David W. Hallman set out a highly successful outlook for the community.

Today, Connestee Falls continues to be feasibly sound with strong reserves managed by an active board of resident volunteers lead by a highly seasoned group of professional community managers that run the extensive POA operations. The many original club amenities constructed by RealTec, including the championship golf course designed by George Cobb, a 26,000 square foot clubhouse and many others continue to be maintained with the utmost care and frequent renovations and improvements. There are also forward-thinking plans for adding additional recreational amenities.

On the nature side, a set of core values honors the environmental vision for the community. The lakes and water features are professionally managed to ensure the highest quality possible. Care for our Natural Environment Initiative members monitor all aspects of the natural and planted trees, flora and fauna. And the resident Trails Committee members have expanded well beyond the early planning now maintaining 14+ miles of hiking trails and counting.

The CFPOA has also managed the construction of homes for several years since taking over the community from RealTec. A balanced approach has kept the volume of homes under construction on pace with market conditions. In fact, the POA still has a good selection of original unimproved developer home sites available along with private owners who also offer home sites for sale. See our Real Estate section on the website for more details on building a new home at Connestee Falls and find featured available properties.
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