Happy Earth Day From Connestee Falls

We celebrate Earth Day as another great day for stewardship of this propery we are blessed to call home. 

Connestee Falls has some 3,900 acres of of land, much of it set aside in natural preservation space with many creeks, waterfalls, four mountain lakes and forested areas as far as the eye can see. This beautiful aerial photograph gives a bird's-eye view of just a small area of the community.

In annual surveys completed by new buyers here over several years the number one most important factor in choosing to purchase a home at Connestee Falls is "Natural Beauty of the Community." Maintaining that natural beauty is at the heart of our stewardship of this land.

It's kind of like Earth Day every day here and maintaining the natural environment is one of the key Core Values that guide the vision for and management of Connestee Falls. We invite everyone to join us in embracing the natural environment of the planet and helping to keep places like Connestee Falls preserved for generations and generations to come.
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Elyod Trebor
You all do a great job of keeping Connestee Falls a beautiful and natural place. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos from the community here on your website.
Posted on 4/28/20 9:26 AM.