Summer 2021 Connestee Resident Photo Contest

Best of the Best Summer Resident Photo contest

The Summer 2021 Resident Photo Contest was a dandy with 84 entries - most all easily qualifying as winners. After careful deliberation, five were selected as the "best of the best" and each winning photographer was awarded a gift certificate to the Overlook Clubhouse. See the winning photos below and follow the Connestee Falls Facebook or Instagram page where more of the "Honorable Mention" entries will also be featured.

For many years running, the photo contest has provided residents and visitors to the website, blog and social media channels an endless array of amazing views into the lifestyle, nature, amenities and beauty that makes Connestee Falls such a wonderful place to live. We know of no other community that can offer such an extensive library of photos all taken by residents and all of scenes within the community. See more of the collection here on the website or by searching #connesteephotos. Warning: Prepare to be WOWED...

Summer 2021 Contest Winners

Connestee Falls in Springtime by Caroline Scorza

Sunset Connestee-Style by Linda Cain

Carson Creek by John Kratt

Shadow & Light by Carol Altman
Shadow & Light by Carol Altman ConnesteeFalls

Oakanoah Trail Rest Stop by Joe Narsavage

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