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Connestee Falls – A Master Planned Community

Owned and Operated By Residents For Residents

Connestee Falls is a mature master planned community owned and operated by its residents under the Connestee Falls Property Owners Association (CFPOA.) The community actually operates much like a small hometown with an elected board and a full time professional management staff. Together, they follow a set of Core Values that drive the continued vision for Connestee Falls:

  • Preservation of assets - We recognize our unique assets and actively plan for the future to maintain and enhance the value of private and common property.
  • Spirit of community - We encourage a wide variety of activities to foster a friendly environment and community spirit.
  • Safety - We seek to maintain and enhance residents' confidence in their personal and property safety.
  • Volunteerism - We encourage members to be active in governing the Association and to participate in Connestee Falls activities.
  • Stewardship of the environment - We strive to ensure that our homes, common infrastructure and activities are harmonious with our natural surroundings.
  • Value of membership - We employ conservative fiscal practices and effective management to provide a high level of satisfaction with value received.
  • Transparency - We foster active communication among our members and our leadership.
  • Amenities - Our amenities are focused on a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • Professional management - We strive to maintain the highest level of excellence in our staff and operations.
  • Forward looking - We anticipate change to remain desirable to current and prospective owners.
  • Integrity and fairness - We maintain the highest ethical standards in dealing with members, employees and other entities.
  • Community outreach - We encourage public service and involvement by our members and employees in the surrounding county and region.
  • Community Governance & Management Structure

The CFPOA has an active board of directors who are elected to represent the property owners in the governance of the community. A variety of committees organize and manage various aspects of life and leisure within the community and report to the board regularly on progress and potential funding needs.

All Connestee Falls property owners have the opportunity to be as involved as they wish in the running of the community. Annual meetings are held along with many other gatherings and forums for residents to be involved and have input into the governance and operation of their community.