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The only thing better than living in the mountains is living in the mountains near a lake.

Connestee Falls offers the most impressive private lakes and parks in the mountains of Western North Carolina. With four lakes and numerous parks, it's easy for residents and their guests to connect with the great outdoors and the natural beauty that is Connestee Falls.

Ranging from 31 acres to 80 acres in size, Connestee's lakes are well maintained waters for fishing for Blue Gill, Rainbow Trout and Large Mouth Bass. Colorful kayaks, canoes and paddleboards dot the lakes, and electric-powered motorboats cruise along for an evening cocktail hour with friends.

Recreational parks are another great feature about the community. These include small "pocket parks" and scenic overlooks, lakefront parks, and even a community dog park.

Like the waters, Connestee's parks are well maintained and used for a myriad of recreational activities. Walking, yoga, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming and boat launching. Picnics, parties, community events, dance classes or simply sitting on a bench, reading a book, and enjoying a view of the distant Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lakes and Parks Lakes and Parks
Lakes and Parks Lakes and Parks

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