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What other private community in the mountains of Western North Carolina boasts 20 miles of walking and hiking trails?

So many people who call Connestee Falls home say that one of the amenities they appreciate the most are our hiking trails. Twenty miles of private hiking trails are maintained by resident volunteer trail builders and stewards. The trails wind through and around the community’s many forested areas offering views of creeks, waterfalls, lakes and mountain vistas. Trails range from easy to challenging. The trail system is extensive and quite elaborately planned and maintained, including parking areas at main trailheads. For more information, check out Connestee Falls Hiking Trails Guide.

And if you'd like to venture outside Connestee's gates, the surrounding area offers 81 hiking trails, and that's just within Transylvania County. In fact, there are hundreds of miles of trails throughout the region to discover and explore, and living at Connestee Falls provides the perfect jumping off location.

Hiking Trails Hiking Trails
Hiking Trails Hiking Trails

Connecting with Connestee's Natural Beauty

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