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"I love the lakes. The lakes are why I choose to live here."

Connestee Falls' lakes and parks are unique to the community and offer one more way to become connected to the natural beauty that is Connestee Falls. Fish in the morning. Walk in one of the parks in the afternoon. Take a leisurely pontoon boat ride with your neighbors and watch the sunset over Pisgah Mountain.

A few facts about the lakes:

  • Lake Atagahi - 80 acres, 59 feet deep, 2,890 feet above sea level
  • Lake Ticoa - 75 acres, 92 feet deep, 2,810 feet above sea level
  • Lake Tiaroga - 31 acres, 32 feet deep, 2,950 feet above sea level
  • Lake Wanteska - 45 acres, 62 feet deep, 2,440 feet above sea

Connestee Falls has a variety of parks around the community. There are small "pocket parks" and scenic overlooks, lake-front parks with beautiful views and even a dog park. The largest is Atagahi Park located on the banks of Lake Atagahi. It has a dedicated walking path, two large pavilions, barbecue grills, covered picnic tables, a playground, a swimming beach, rest rooms, a basketball court, a beach volleyball court and horseshoe pits.

The parks are well maintained and used for a myriad of recreational activities. Walking, yoga, basketball, beach volleyball, swimming and boat launching. Picnics, parties, community events, dance classes or simply sitting on a bench, reading a book, and enjoying a view of the distant Blue Ridge Mountains.

Lakes and Parks Lakes and Parks
Lakes and Parks Lakes and Parks

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